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Product characteristics
Compared to ordinary EVA, E-TPU sole material , has the advantages of light weight, high elasticity, energy storage, abrasion resistance, temperature range and other advantages, especially with the fatigue resistance of haze under repeated impact, especially suitable for the production of sports shoes. Because of its excellent strength and high elasticity, high buffer performance, outside the field has been used for sports protective equipment production, such as sports. The Track, protective pad, sports helmets etc.:
Application area
Track/Footwear Materials/Furniture Fillers/Automobile Fillers/Sportive Protection/Baby&Kid's products
Product characteristics
•Engineering plastic foaming, the technology researched and developed by our company, produces ultra-light materials.
•According to gas phase differentiation, gas is infiltrated into materials.
•Then gas is inflated and expanded by changing environment.
•At last, by cooling down materials, gas is kept and microcellular foaming materials are formed.
Application area


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Environmental protection TPU foaming material research and development
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